EM 7455 -- Lenovo T460 no radio

Hi everybody.

I have a brandnew T460 Lenovo. I build in the EM7455 WWAN . Drivers are installed, seems ok
I cannot get the radio on …on that card.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for replying

Did you check with Lenovo? Make sure you are using proper drivers…


The drivers come from lenovo themselves … but i ask myself also if they need an update. Maybe there is allready a newer version …

I have multiple Lenovo T460 and the EM7455 and I’m having similar problems such as what you mentioned. To resolve the not able to turn radio on, I just took it out and put it back in and that solved that problem. However, now the card doesn’t show in available networks. Finally, I have had an issues with a 1802 error on startup that states this is not an authorized card. Lenovo tells me about the 1802 error that even if the EM7455 is whitelisted, it might not be for that particular chipset for that particular machine. Crazy!

Have you made any progress?