ED_ERR_PHY_TIMEOUT with GPRS possible?



Is it possible to get an ED_ERR_PHY_TIMEOUT as ResponseCode to the ResponseCbk function for ed_DialupConnectionStart() function when using GPRS? My understanding is that this is only used for GSM dialup, but I’m not sure. Could anyone confirm that there is no timeout when ed_DialupConnectionStart() is used to start a GPRS session?

Thanks in advance!




I can’t confirm to 100% what you are saying but I’ve also never seen a ED_ERR_PHY_TIMEOUT when using GPRS.

I think the ED_ERR_PHY_TIMEOUT is only used in GSM mode when the modem negotiation takes too long time (or fails to negotiate at all).
Compare this timeout to S-register parameter S7 in a “normal” PSTN modem (wait time for carrier).

In a GPRS connection, I think you always have some kind of error code between the ME and the Nwk if something goes wrong. The similar response code if something goes wrong in GPRS are ED_ERR_GPRS_ABORTED or ED_ERR_WM_GPRS_OPEN…

But I think everything should be clearer if Wavecom included a note in the development documentation if the result codes are for GSM- or GPRS mode…
…not only for the ed_DialupConnectionStart() but also for other relavant functions.