Dual sim for sl8082

How to implement a dual sim for SL8082 module?
I looked topics:
and Dual SIM Application Note.
But the module does not have a SIMPRESS pin.
Is it possible to switching sim without resetting modem?

Thanks for any ideas.

There are no SIMPRESS pin on SL8082 and the application note you mentioned is mainly for 2G product.

However, it is possible to configure SIMLPM to 2 so SIM interface will be powered down during low power mode, and you can switch the SIM in that mode.

Hi, Lotam.
OK, re-registration through the LPM, it’s good idea.
Many thanks!

Sorry, I have some questions about the LPM.

My SL8082 is controlled by AT commands (via USB)
It is proposed algorithm SIM switching:

  1. Command to activate LPM
  2. Command to switch SIM
  3. Command to deactivate LPM


  1. Will the active USB when entering the LPM? Will I be able to switch the SIMs after LPM activation?
  2. Is there a AT-command to activate/deactivate LPM, or be activated by W_DISABLE only?

I’ve look Extended AT Command Reference. There is an option for AT!PCINFO:

But I found the AT!SLEEP command only (enable/disable sleep):

  1. Are LPM and SLEEP different things?

Hi siem,

Sorry, maybe I should make it clear…

Please try below:
0) Setup:
AT!CUSTOM=“SIMLPM”,2 (disable SIM interface in LPM)

  1. Command to activate LPM (AT+CFUN=4)
  2. Command to switch SIM (maybe you use GPIO? AT!DIO)
  3. Command to deactivate LPM (AT+CFUN=1)

For your question

  1. Enter and out of LPM does not involve module reboot, e.g. USB will remains active during the process.
  2. W_DISABLE is possible, you can also try AT+CFUN=x as mentioned.
  3. sleep is different from LPM, in which the most function (e.g. RF/SIM) is active in sleep mode.
    In LPM, RF/SIM is disabled(if configured probably).


Hi, lotam

I get it, thank you very much! :smiley: