DS 2.0.0 Target Management Broken?

Comms with the targets seems to have become very unreliable in DS 2.0.0

I’m using a Fastrack Supreme & an Xtend - both with the same application (based on the C-GPS Query sample).

I’ve had no problems doing this on DS 1.2.0

DS 2.0.0 will frequently “lose” the USB connections to the Fastracks - they just disappear from the list.
Refreshing the list doesn’t work.

Device manager shows that the devices are still present, but the ‘Query Modem’ test fails - saying the device is in use by an application.

Unplugging & re-plugging the USB doesn’t help. DS has to be restarted.

Now, it’s started losing traces from the Supreme.

I can’t see a definite sequence to reproduce the problem, it’s made DS 1.2.0 unusable.

It seems to cope particularly poorly with the USB closing “unexpectedly”; eg, if the target loses power, or reboots.

Running on WindowsXP-Pro+SP3 32-bit.

Fastrack Supreme (FSU004): R7.44.0.201008311212
Fastrack Xtend (FXT001): R7.44.0.201008311212

We’ve already noticed this kind of behavior, revealing some incompatibility or issues between DS and the USB driver. We’re suspecting a bug on the USB driver side, as there were no changes concerning USB management between DS 1.2.0 and 2.0.0

So do we, and it’s making hard the understanding/investigations around the issue.
If anyone knows a reproducible way to make the problem happen, please advise!

Hmmm… it might not have been DS at at all:

The whole of USB comms seemed to become unstable on the PC. :angry:

I noticed that Device Manager was showing a “Microsoft Ballpoint Mouse” (or even mice) being spuriously detected on the COM ports connected to the Fastracks.

I found this article: pcmaritime.co.uk/leisure/sup … mouse.html
It recommends adding /NoSerialMouse as a Windows startup option

I’ve made the change - now we’ll see if things improve…


Microsoft say that /fastdetect should disable serial mouse detection: support.microsoft.com/kb/833721 - but I already had that option set!

Some more info here: support.microsoft.com/kb/283063