Drivers for HL7800 USB Port

I have a HL7800-M module installed in a mangOH Red board. HL7800-M is running firmware v4.4.6.0. I used the "AT+KUSBCOMP=1,1,2,3” command to enable the module’s native USB port. I’m using windows 7 x64. I can’t access any of the USB ports on the HL7800-M. Windows reports that it can’t find any drivers for them. They show up as three instances of “ALT1250 IoT” under “Other devices” in the device manager. image
I’ve haven’t been able to find any drivers on Sierra Wireless Source website specific to the HL78xx series. Any ideas? Thank you.

Hi @bobbyharris

This is the driver for ALT1250 IoT USB HL7800 on windows 7 (4.2 KB)

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Thanks Donald. I was able to use the driver you attached by modifying the inf files to include the VID/PID of the HL7800. It works now.