HL7800 USB support

Does anyone knows availability date of USB support for HL7800?

Hi kristaps,

It is already avaiable in FW 3.3.2 .
Please follow the instruction in the release note for USB activation:
Configuration on CLI port:
config -s manager.USB.enabled true
config -s manager.uartMapping.AT_PPP_AUX ACM0

Thanks for fast reply!
HL7800 Techincal Specification from May 08, 2019 still says “This interface will be available in a future firmware release” so I thought it is not available.

I could not find release notes for HL7800. Where should I look for latest documents?
I used this place: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/#tags=HL7800

Hi Kirisaps,

Sorry the offical release note is not avaiable yet.
I copy the part here from our internal one:

USB activation:
To activate USB please enter “config -s manager.USB.enabled true” on CLI port
To link AT port with USB please enter “config -s manager.uartMapping.AT_PPP_AUX ACM0”
(to unlink it to find again AT command with UART1 port please enter “config -s manager.uartMapping.AT_PPP_AUX B”)

Thanks again for your help.

I also can’t find information about firmware update.
Is firmware updatable by user?

Can USB be used as only communication way without using UART at all if we configure USB mode at time of product assembly?

Normally new FW is updatable but before that please provide your result ATI9, AT+KGSN=2(IMEI), AT+KGSN=3(FSN).

Yes. Youu can set USB ONLY without UART1 at all by (AT+KUSBCOMP=1.
(debug port UART0 is not impacted)

Here’s the syntax:AirPrime - HL78xx - AT Commands Interface Guide - Rev8.1.pdf (1.9 MB)
USB mode config
0 USB disabled (default)
1 3 CDC-ACM mode (PID: 0xC001)
USB-ACM0 - AT/PPP port
USB-ACM1 - PPP data port
USB-ACM2 - NMEA data port
The configuration is kept in flash.
New configuration will only be activated after module reboots.

What will be the default configuration of the HL7800? Will it be USB or Serial? If I wish to operate the HL7800 in USB mode, do I also need to have the serial port connected so configuration AT commands can be sent to the module? I would prefer not to have to implement a serial port as well is the USB interface.

By default, USB is disabled.
You can change +KUSBCOMP in debug port as well.