Driver Sources


I can not find any driver sources for SL8082 modem on sierra web site. From documentation I see links to the site.


What kind of drivers and associated OS you are looking for?



I think SL808X are relatively new products , may be because of this the website does not contain the required drivers and documentation. Try contacting your distributor.


I agree contacting distributor or FAE is the easiest way, but not necessary as some driver is actually available on especially for Linux driver which supposed to be “open” for public and in Linux kernel.

Are these drivers available under the downloads section for SL808X ?
Because when i log-in to sierra wireless web-site, i don’t see any
drivres under downloads for SL808X modems.

I think the driver source can find in support center and Linux kernel. Most Linux disto already include sierra driver.
Try to type “modinfo sierra” in your Linux workstation to check if it is already available.

Otherwise you may check the kernel messages to see if it is well detected.