DOTA over a TCP client connection


I am wondering if anyone viewing this forum has had any success in using a straight forward wip_TCPClientCreateOpts
connection to receive a DOTA update via the WIP_READ events?

I have a problem where by I can open this link to the host successfully but when I send the whole dwl file to the device the device simply resets after x bytes.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


I think wip_FTPCreateOpts() is the better option to download file and i am using it and working fine for DOTA

I’ve succesfully done a DOTA over a socket connection , I’ve broken the dwl file into small packages and i’m sending them one by one…but it takes like 5 minutes to do that…

How small?

and you don’t send the next one til the previous one has been acknowledged?

That’s exactly the kind of thing you’d expect to see if you make your packets too small!

You will see exactly the same effect between using 1K XMODEM and 128-byte XMODEM - even over a serial cable!
(this is precisely why 1K XMODEM was invented!)