Does the Q24 fit for?


I am trying to understand does the Q24 series will be fit for my device.

The problem:
I`ve got a remote device that generate sometimes +12V output sets of signals
by 1ms like this:
event #1: /-1ms-//–1ms-/___ or
event #2 /-1ms-/__________ or
event #3: /------2ms-----/____ or
event #4: /---------3ms----------/

and I need to recieve SMS (sended by Q24 or other stand alone CPU) to my cell phone that say my which event occured on remote device.

The question is:
Is it possible to make such devise on the base of Q24?
Is it possible by using GPIO to obtane and recocnize evens 1 to 4?
I think the main problem is to choose GMS CPU that can work stand alone and can recognize such signals I decribed?
If Q24 is not fit for thar what device will do?


So, to confirm, you want to be able to detect four distinct patterns:

  1. A pair of 1ms pulses
  2. A single 1ms pulse
  3. A single 2ms pulse
  4. A single 3ms pulse

Is that right?

Note that you have not yet specified the distinction between the first two…

I think you’d need the IRQ and/or System (hardware) timer facilities of Open-AT v4.2 (or 4.1?) for this, and I’m not sure if that’s available for the Q24.

You should really discuss this with your local Wavecom Distributor