Does Sierra Wireless has compile hidden telemetry library modules on firmware?

I run into this video the other day:

Lenovo and Sierra Wireless EM7345 Who’s spying on us?……

Where show all this library modules that they are use for telemetry, I wonder if this is a thing only include for the ones for Lenovo or this is include also for other models ?

I am concern right now Sierra Wireless dosn’t meet all the privacy requirements in all his models.

I checked myself this firmware and it is actually true all this Lenovo laptops that has this firmware install are affect it, probably Dell too?


So the PC OEM modules have firmware built to the PC OEM’s requirements, can’t really comment on what they do and don’t do.

The generic industrial products have the capability to connect to things like our FOTA server, etc but there is no firmware or mechanism that is built into these units which autonomously connects back sending any information of any description without it being explicitly turned on by the application interfacing to it (i.e. at+wdss=1,1).

Beyond that the only other connections are as per any given application.