Does anybody know much about the oMG2000?

I’m trying to figure out a few things after I bought a few cases of these gateways…

Why doesn’t NTPd use PPS for time keeping? It is configured by default in ntp.conf, it just doesn’t use it… Various tools show that the pps is working correctly, including pps-tools, once I got it installed…

What are some of the commands for interacting with the watchdog? do-system-update (or similar) in the web-interface will show ‘disabling hardware watchdog’ and ‘enabling hardware watchdog’ but I can not figure out how to… I want to re-install the system with something more standard tools, but it reboots 5-10 minutes into the install… Various tricks to ‘feed the dog’ have thus far had no effect…

I’m ok with the InMotion-OS though, except for some deficiencies…

OpenSSL not using the hardware AES acceleration (does the VPN?) kmod-crypto isn’t installed…

Does the hardware TRNG feed the system?

Is there anywhere I can find these, and similar answers?

I will admit, that the two SIM slots, especially the hidden internal one, messed me up for a while… haha

If I could have just one questioned answered… How do I (temporarily?) turn off the hardware Watchdog so I can reinstall the OS? Feed it from BusyBox or Bash? Hardware trick?

Hi @kevinds,
As you may know, oMG2000/500 has been EOL for many years (EOL notices were sent out around summer 2017). So I don’t think they have any changes or fixes on the products.
Can you share the screenshot captures the notification?

If you would like to restore the system to factory reset. Please follow the document for more detail
Please share if you have any problem while working on it


End-of-Sales was sent out summer 2017… No more updates after December 2020… Presumably EoL is/was after that point…

Attaching screenshot showing the hardware watchdog being disabled and then re-enabled, as requested.

These are some neat gateways and I have some ideas/plans for a few of them, need to fix the software defects though, so curious about how I can disable the Watchdog, or at least feed it during a Linux OS install.

Often there is a test point on the board somewhere, that needs to be grounded (or kept high) to disable the Watchdog.


Made progress setting up a VM, with intentions of using rsync to simply replace the OS…

Still running into a wall with the Watchdog… I need to compile some of the software on the oMG, but need the replacement OS and the oMG to compile the software… Rock and a hardplace…

Over 100 TestPoints and ServicePoints on the board, along with a few TTL UART ports.

Since the config is in place to use the PPS, I suspect it was working at some point…

Is there anyway to get ALL of the USB update images?

Older versions of oMG Software have been removed from this site as they do not contain a mandatory update required to be installed by Nov 6, 2016.

Is there anyway to download them anyways?

Hi @kevinds ,
As per the description on that site, the old images had been removed and I cannot find them on any Sierra source pages. You might know that oMG series are quite specific products so I am not sure that you can find the images the others. Please try to contact your distributor for more help