Documentation feedback: ideas for future format


As a member of SierraWireless, I think it could interesting to have some feedback about what you expect regarding documentation.
We know that our documentation has room for improvements, this section of the forum is full of interesting remarks/requests, mainly oriented on missing/bad contents on existing documentation.
Hopefully, those requests will be corrected progressively.

This thread is more targeted to gather ideas about the format for future documentations.

Here are some characteristics you may expect to have or ideas to discuss in that topic, feel free to highlight those you think are the most important or to add other ideas.

  • commenting/editing the doc (to add personal notes for example)
  • ease to perform search in the doc
  • offline and/or online content: offline is useful in some situation obviously, online is a solution to ensure up to date documentation.
  • integrated in IDE/tools or standalone documentation
  • copy-paste ability (for example to reuse the doc in your docs)
  • file format: html, doc, odt, pdf etc. I would think file format as a way to answer other needs but I know some people expect specific file format.

That’s it for now,

i would like it, when in the at command documentation, the adl functions would be kinda referenced.
This way one wouldn´t get in temptation of sending at commands for things where there allready is a function for this.

i caught myself allready more than once thinking “screw this, i just use at commands” (via adl_atCmdCreate) because i didn´t find the function on the first sight. :blush:

PDF is a pretty good file format, as long as one can use the text search (which is given in the current docu)

Actually i like current documantation format. i can easly find what i search.
However, some special things do not exist in documantations (like customstacksize parameter explanations etx.) And i think there must be more examples for each topic.
And there are some icons at the beginning of each topic. These can be changed with more useful ones.

Hi zafer and CAA.
Thank you both for your answer, your feedback is appreciated.

In deed, good examples are always useful.
Linking related resources (like AT command guide and ADL guide) is a good idea to me, it could give a better view of the different solutions to achieve one’s task.

Finally, you seem to agree on search capabilities as on useful feature, and pdf a good file format.

I hope we can get more interesting ideas and opinions.