DNS server

hi all
i don’t know where i can get a dsn server adress for configuring a connection for ftp


Hi Malek,

yhou should get this from your service provider which provided you with the SIM card.

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You should get the information from your provider to be 100 % correct but you can try with one of these DNS servers in France (I assume you are in France…)





Hi Snooze,

how would it be if you have let’s say a German provider and you visit some place in France. Do you know if the DNS servers would be still the same if roaming with a French provider is used?

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Thanks a lot for reply
But i’ve asked my provider who is tango tele2 (luxembourg) and they haven’t a dns server adress !!!
So can i use anyanother DNS and where i can get there.

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I don’t think you can use a DNS server of another provider. They usually are in another subnet (so you can’t physically reach them) or they check if the inquiry is allowed from your IP / provider…

Is maybe tango tele2 really using another network to provide you the service? Then it might work to use the DNS of the network operator.

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Hi again,

I just found out that there is a Public DNS Service. This might work for you: http://www.granitecanyon.com/. I haven’t tried if it works… And maybe there are other companies which also provide that kind of service.

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Hello Jan,

It depends on how the subscription is configured and what IP address you get (and of course the DNS services are dependent on the IP you get).

For example: I used a UK SIM card (from MVNO Wyless) in Sweden. It was of course roaming and when I tried with a generic Internet access APN I got an IP from the Swedish network on which the ME was roaming and I also got the DNS addresses associated to the Swedish network.

When I tried with another APN I got the IP-address allocated from Wyless (a static IP, as it should be) and also new DNS addresses that worked with that IP-address range.

In the above examples I got the DNS addresses from the adl_gprsGetCidInformations() routine.

So, it shouldn’t matter if you’re roaming. It should still work.


Hi Snooze,

thank you very much for your answer! I missed that function since I was looking for somthing similar in the eDLib guide. Of course it is not there since it is already implemented in the ADL library… (So I did set the DNS addresses manually… bad…)

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