GSM operators worldwide



I have a question regarding the GSM operators worldwide. Here in Belgium I have Proximus as operator, and when I start an TCP server on the Q2687, I can connect to it’s IPaddress with a computer or something. So I get a public IPaddress from my operator.

The question : Is this possible with all operators? So if I’m in England f.ex, and I put a local simcard from there in my module, will it still work?



Hello perdu,

Nice from Proximus. When we asked our local T-mobile Hungary about public address we got a horroristic price for it. So i think it’s really depends on the specific operator, but i don’t think the public IP adress is common among operators.



I got wirless CPU Q2686 and simcard from TDC Mobil. Does anybody know how can I check my public IP assigned by my network operator?



So you should ask TDC Mobil, surely?