Digital 1 I/O

Newbie looking to utilize I/O on digital one to send email to address when a simple switch is on/off.

  1. Is there a simple wire diagram that shows how the green wire (3.2 Volts) is wired to a simple switch and registers on/off.

My current situation:
Wire Green wire to + side of LED switch
Ground to Ground side of LED switch
ON- 1.3 volts
OFF- 3.2 Volts

According to the GX440 Setup guide, for their to be a change, it must be less than 1.2 volts. How do I get it to drop to less than 1.3 Volts?

Just looking for simple solution.

The LS300 user guide shows a digital diagram in page 24 that may help. When the I/O green cable is set to Digital Input. It expects to have a 0VDC to 1.2 VDC to indicate the circuit is closed. However, you are using a LED on that PIN, this is preventing the voltage to drop enough. Since you are using a LED switch , perhaps using an opto transistor or opto coupler/isolator as showing in the links below could help you to accomplish that and isolate the circuit at the same time. … upler.html