Different behaviour between Integra and Fastrack on DTR-DSR


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I’m using VC++ to take control over both Integra and Fastrack. In the DCB structure there is a member called fDtrControl.
If this member is set to DTR_CONTROL_ENABLE, both modems works.
If this member is set to DTR_CONTROL_DISABLE, Integra modem works normally, while Fastrack modem doesn’t receive AT commands and doesn’t send strings (such as +CREG, +WIND and other automatic URC).

Why this difference? Who is wrong? Or may be that I’m forgotting some parameters in the modems configuration?

Furthermore, in the AT command manual, there is wrote that “AT&D0 - the DTR is ignored”. Setting this parameter to AT&D0, I was expecting that Fastrack starts to work: this is not. Thus, I’m I misunderstanding something?

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