Devstudiov3.3 | Legato IDE | Ubuntu 12.04

Hi all,

unfortunately it’s not possible to use the devstudio on my ubuntu.

  1. you cannot install devstudio-legato via apt-get! You have to install devstudio-product. If you want to install legato IDE feature, it will fail, because there is no gdb under /opt/swi
    -> this is a epic fail of outdated legato devstudio documentation. No will from my side to play around with github and other stuff to complete trash my system.

  2. If i download the, extract and run, I’m able to install the Legato IDE features and Packages for 14.10 (native) Release. Juhu, thats more than point 1! But creating projects will fail with:

	at java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.nextEntry(
	at java.util.HashMap$
	at com.swi.cdt.settings.project.AbstractCdtProjectHelper.createCdtDescription(
	at com.swi.ebs.commons.core.newproject.EBSProjectManager.handleProjectCreation(
	at com.swi.ebs.commons.core.newproject.EBSProjectManager.createProject(
	at com.swi.ebs.commons.core.newproject.EBSProjectManager.createProjectInWorkspace(
	at com.swi.ebs.commons.ui.wizards.EbsProjectWizard.doCreateProject(
	at com.swi.ebs.commons.ui.wizards.EbsProjectWizard$
	at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$

Please tell my how to proper install the devstudio on my ubuntu 12.04. As the stack trace shows errors in EBS, it’s possible to face a operating system here. Maybe a conflict with icedtea-jre v1.7?!

I have several other eclipse instances installed, they all work fine!

Thanks in advance!


missleading thread title, but maybe the same problem:


In my case the used OS is the same, ubuntu 12.04 32-bit

I didn’t install docker packages because I tried to avoid this issue. I want to use the native toolchain.

As you noticed, apt-get refuses to install Legato IDE because you’re running a 32 bits Linux.
cf viewtopic.php?f=177&t=8692&hilit=create+project#p35664
Can you consider migrating to 64 bits Linux, or are there other software that are preventing you to do so?..

Hi daav!

Nope, migration is not an option!

From the thread it’s read like only docker has this 64-bit restrictions! I can download a 32-bit-zip archive of devstudio but cannot use it?! That’s sensless, sorry.

Is there a way to proper use /opt/swi-installed toolchain and framework?! My plan is to clone the git and reference it inside eclipse. Please name some instructions to do so. Will it work if I install the Legato IDE feature over an existing eclipse?

Thanks in advacne.

DS 3.4 will allow to install a “/opt/swi” manually extracted toolchain as a toolchain package, which can then be used to build projects. To be functional with a 32 bits toolchain, this will have to be used with a manually built Legato Framework, also installed as a package from the Package Manager perspective.

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