Device usage

I am trying to put a Q24PL onto a car connecting the ignition of the car to the device . The on board computer of the car is signaling an error. Do you have any ideas why?

hmm. looking into my glass sphere i see you should use the blue wire…

but seriously,
you should give more information on how you are connecting the device to what.

actually, i think your car has a security device embedded in the key, so trying to start the car without a key or with a normally duplicated key will never work

Well i’m having an extra contact on the ignition wire (if contact is on and key is in the ignition the car starts, contact is off and ignition is on car doesn’t start), so i can stop the car using the device, even if the key is in place. Extra security measure :slight_smile: to be able to stop the car at anytime, even if the driver doesn’t want to.

Actually, that sound extremely dangerous to me! :open_mouth:

What if the car is travelling at high speed down the highway, and your device suddenly decides to kill the engine… :question: :exclamation: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Thought of this so the actual stopping of the car happens only when the car travels with less then 5 km/h

Now , when i assured you that i don’t kill anybody, can you help me out ? :slight_smile:

Still fatally (potentially literally so!) flawed - what if the car is travelling slowly, or even stalls on a railway crossing… :question: :exclamation: :open_mouth:

well then let’s hope he doesn’t try to steal a car and cross a railway at the same time (if he is smart he stops before the rails to make sure the train is not coming, not on the rails)

are you trying to start the engine remotely, or are you trying to stop the engine remotely?

stop the engine remotly

i think the only thing you can do that might get certification from an authority is prevent the engine from starting after it stopped.

Still leaves the risk if, say, the car stalls in a dangerous position, and an accident is caused because the car can’t be moved.
Could result in innocent people being killed and the car wrecked - so even if it was being stolen, the rightful owner still wouldn’t get it back!

I dare say there are immobilisers like this on the market today - I don’t know if any such incidents have happened. Yet… :open_mouth:

Again, I think a plain tracking device is best - then the Authorities can make appropriate judgements in the light of knowing the entire situation…

the same would happen if a car breaks down ‘naturally’

But i have to agree with you awneil, the best option would be verhicle tracking.

Yes, I know.

I s’pose my real point isn’t whether or not this is likely - but whether or not the OP has really thought it through thoroughly enough…

Maybe I’m just being paranoid - but would you want it on your conscience if you knew that it was your device that caused the “breakdown” and ensuing carnage…? :open_mouth:

In these litigious days, I think it’s probably better to err on the side of paranoia.

(to play the devils advocate)
On the other hand might this device prevent a high-speed chase… (if we’re starting to think along these lines… :wink: )