Device shows under Sensors in Device manager but SerialPort dosen't exists or shows up


I’m working with an EM7565 Modul and try to onfigure it via the AT Command Tester.
I’ve installed the windows driver, the module shows up in the device manager under the Sensors, but I cant see it as a comport and therefore not able to connect to it via COMPort. Anyone else faced this problem before?

Thanks for your support!


Hi @martin.schneider ,
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What Windows driver did you install for EM7565 ?
Please try to install the latest Windows driver for EM7565 by this link:
The Device manager detected the EM7565 module, show as below:

Please share with me the screenshot of your Device manager.


Hi @jerdung,

I already installed this driver package, now I did it again. As you can see, there is no Modem showing in the Device Manager. But the Modul appears in the Sensors Tab, so its attached to the system and working (at least it looks like).
I’ve insert a SIM Card, and the card works (Checked with my Mobile)

Any Ideas about this?


Hi @martin.schneider ,
Please try using another USB cable
If the issue still happens, please try using another Windows PC to rule out the issue from the host
Note: Remember to install the driver before using another PC Windows.


Hi @jerdung,
Modul is connected to the mainboard via PCI Express NGFF (M.2), not over USB, but if there would be a problem with the connection, the Position sensor side of the module had to disappear as well.

I have the same HW setup 4 times, but on every device it shows the same: Modem is missing from the device tree.

Any other Idea?