Detecting antenna connection

Hello all,
I’m trying to detect if antenna is already connected or not in my module.

There is any AT command to do this? or which could be the best way to detect antenna disconnections?

Thanks in advance.

There is no way to directly detect this.

Why do you want to?

A suggestion may be to use the at+csq command to determine signal strength and bit error rate. If the antennae is disconnected it will either be unknown or a very low value. Generally you cannot rely on the value of unknown(99) so you may have to poll at+csq like every minute for say 5 minutes if you keep getting 99 for unknown.

But that will not tell you whether the antenna is connected: it just tells you that the signal is poor - not the reason why the signal is poor!

In a strong signal area, you will often get quite a good CSQ result even with the antenna disconnected!

Also look at AT+CCED