Detailed HL7800 GNSS Specifications

Firmware HL7800.
Assisted mode not used, GLONASS not enabled, and modem in airplane mode.

Are there more detailed specifications for the GNSS than those provided in section 4.16.1 of the product technical specification?

What are the accuracy and precision of the receiver?
What is the maximum HEPE that can be reported?
If the HEPE is reported as < 1.0 m, what is the maximum difference between the reported position from the actual position?

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Hi @andrew.hedin,

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Please refer to the GNSS documentation at the following link: AirPrime - HL78xx - GNSS Behavior


I must have missed it, on what page and section number did you find the answers to my questions in the GNSS behavior document?

Hi @andrew.hedin,

According to the information I have obtained from the dev team: β€œThe maximum error value is 999.99 meters.”

For any questions not addressed in the document, it is better for you to send an email to technical support at for further assistance.