CVS integration


Is anyone using CVS with OpenAT projects ? If so how ?


I’m using Tortoise CVS to handle my Open AT projects with CVS

Regards, Ralf

I’ve used Tortoise SVN, but not bothered to try to “integrate” it with anything:

I just use Tortoise SVN to check stuff in & out, and then use the Open-AT stuff as normal on the files.

One problem: Since Open-AT 3.12, the Project Wizard deletes the .svn folders from the gcc directory tree :angry:


I’m normally a .net developer so don’t know anything excep VSS or TFS :slight_smile:

I tried CVS with Team->Share project but I cannot check-in or check-out source files… I just don’t understand whole system hehe

I’m installing Tortoise CVS… thanks!

Unfortunately, IDEs do rather tend to lead you into using things that you don’t understand… :open_mouth:

Tortoise SVN works as a “plugin” to the Windows Explorer - so you just get the extra ‘Check-In’, ‘Check-Out’, etc options when you right-click a file or folder.
Simple as that! 8)

When it’s that easy, there seems little benefit in having it “integrated” into the IDE - certainly not worth putting any effort into it! 8)