Current Consumption in HSPA+ Mode on Q2698

I have a high level question regarding the power consumption listed in the Product Technical Specification and Customer Design Guideline Document for the AirPrime Q2698. In Section 6.1, the current consumption during HSPA+ (HSDPA and HSUPA, I think) list average current for a given band and signal gain.

From what I understand, all bands can be used at once for transmitting, part of the reason why high speeds are available. My question is, are the average current consumptions listed for 1 given band, meaning that if all are active to achieve the highest possible transmit speed, then I would have to add the Iavg for each band to get total current consumption? Or is there only 1 band (ex, BAND I, or II, or V…etc) active at one time, even for the highest transmit speed possible?

Forgive me for my lack of cellular technology knowledge, but I am looking at this from a very high level.

Any help is much appreciated,

Nevermind my question above as I realize that the BANDs are actually designated by Country and Region, so only 1 band would be on at a time.