CSQ =99.99

Has anybody encountered the following problem?
I am using a Fast Track supreme for Telemetry.
I have about 30 in service.
Recently a number of them have their red LED on olid and are not connected to the network.
When I check them with Hyper Terminal signal strength is shown as 99.99.
The only way to recover them is to reload the firmware.
I reboot them, check their SIM card with a mobile phone etc.
This has happened to approx 10 in the past few weeks.
This has also happened to Maetsro100 modems too.
Does anyone have any idea?

I haven’t.

What other checks have you done?

What other methods did you try?

The Maestro also contains a Wavecom Q-series module…

i face this problem too.

It happens when there is no signal or very low signal strength. So modem can not register the gsm network. Led always shining.

There is a certain solution which is trying to increase signal length by moving the modem to another location that has more length. If you can not do this, you can check AT+CREG response on every 30 minutes. If it is not registered the gsm network then reset the module. But it may not work if there is NO signal.

Thats what i think and what i have done for the low signaled areas. Maybe someone knows a better analize and solution.

There is something else that must be causing this - my CSQ jumps between 19 to 99 on consecutive attempts, with no movement of any components. Some connection attempts are given IPs but then hang up immediately, some get 18 CSQ but no IP assignment.

If there is any usable signal at all, you will get a valid number in the +CSQ response;

The 99 means that no signal strength reading is available at that time; this means one of two things:

  1. There is no signal at all, or
  2. The unit is busy doing something else (internally) that prevents it from obtaining a reading

That means there is no signal; you can also get the 99 when there is plenty of signal, but the GSM stack is busy; eg, if you issue AT+CSQ immediately after sending an SMS…

Note that the term is “signal strength” 8)

How can i stop the device from being busy??? Can you help, I think I have the same problem…