Covertion degrees to decimal


I am receiving NMEA strings as 3202.0905 and 03451.2439
I want to convert in C++ (OpenAT) modem Q2406 as :

  32 + (02.0905/60) = 32.034842
  034 + (51.2439/60)= 034.854065

float variable presicion of 6 digits after (.)


There’s a floating point application note with free Open AT source code in the Wavecom extranet (due to be opened more widely/easily to developers at the end of November, beginning of December 2007). If you want, I can send you a copy.

This application note and many others were made public earlier this year. Sign in to the Developer Zone ( with your account (get an account here: and then select “Application Notes” from the left menu.

The one in question for this post is about half way down the first table and is called “Floating Point Arithmetic Library”.