Correction Factor

Does anybody know how to use Correction Factor with Wavecom Module? I´m using 2501Q.

This is because i get Coordinates from the GPS and I want to plot some points at a MAP.

I´m in Brazil and there´s some correction to do…



I´ve found out that I can get the Geoid correction from Position Structure.

/* Position structure */
typedef struct
    ascii UTC_time [_S_UTC_TIME];           /* hhmmss.sss */ 
    ascii date [_S_DATE];                   /* ddmmyy */
    ascii latitude [_S_POSITION];           /* ddmm.mmmm */
    ascii latitude_Indicator[_S_INDICATOR]; /* N - S */
    ascii longitude [_S_POSITION];          /* dddmm.mmmm */
    ascii longitude_Indicator[_S_INDICATOR];/* E - W */
    ascii status[_S_INDICATOR];
    ascii P_Fix[_S_INDICATOR];
    ascii sat_used [_S_SAT];                /* Satellites used */
    ascii HDOP [_S_HDOP];                   /* Horizontal Dilution of Precision */
    ascii altitude [_S_ALTITUDE];           /* MSL Altitude */
    ascii altitude_Unit[_S_INDICATOR];
    ascii geoid_Sep [_S_GEOID_SEP];         /* geoid correction */
    ascii geoid_Sep_Unit[_S_INDICATOR];
    ascii Age_Dif_Cor [_S_AGE_DIF_COR];     /* Age of Differential correction */
    ascii Dif_Ref_ID [_S_DIF_REF_ID];       /* Diff Ref station ID */
    ascii magneticVariation[_S_COURSE];     /* magnetic variation : not available for sirf technology */
} adl_gpsPosition_t;

Can I change the Correction data? Is there any document that specify the changes!?

Thanks once again!


I use Q2501 and I noticed that the GPS NMEA Polling is already set to my zone and there´s no need for any kind of configuration.

One thing I also noticed is that the format available of latitude and longitude is in Degree, Decimals… and not in DDº MM´ SS´´

Hope this information may help someone…