GPS structure wm_gpsPosition_t


The document says latitude is ddmm.mmmm
What does dd and mm stand for?
longitude dddmm.mmmm
What does dd and mmm stand for.
Please exemplify.

What does status stand for and P_Fix stand for?

What does sat_used mean? or stands for?
What is the unit of altitude? or format?
Geoid_sep_unit What does it stand for or mean?

Is there any document which explains all the fields in the position and speed structure?
Any help is appreciated…


Just a guess, but Latitude is an angle, isn’t it?

so how about “degrees”…?


What does the two d’s (dd) in the latitude format stand for?
Where does the sign get represented?


Err… two digits, 00…90? :unamused:

There is a separate N-S latitude indicator, isn’t there? :unamused:


Thanks for following it up.
Is it (two digits for degrees) and the rest for minutes?


Dear Parsad,
I am not able to find the way to get latitude/longitude from my wavecom fastrack m1206 modem.
can you give me the commands that you used or tell me how can I extract latitude/longitude.

I have seen your post about ddmm query.

Thanks parsad.



You will need a Q2501 module to use GPS, and as far as I know there is some other module in the Fastrack…

Best Regards,


Thanks JAN,

I have lot of confussions about this area of communication, basically I am a Application developer and got the task of develop an application to extract vehicle position like latitude and longitude (through sms), I am reading many articals on net and did not found any proper way to achive my task till this time.
People here who work on gsm/gps are beignners they are making me more confusse with there half knowledge.

Can you tell me what is the diffrenece between gsm and gps . can I do my task with this device wavecom m1206 factrack wismo, I did put one sim card in it and able to run few at commands from hyperterminal.



If you have such quetions start with wikipedia first, then take a look at the support area what can Wavecom offer you.

You can see that wavecom has a q2501 module, which features GSM and also GPS functionality, so you don’t have to add a GPS device to the modem to send position over SMS.

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That’s a good suggestion.

You could also talk to your distributor - they should be able to assist you.


GSM = Global System for Mobile communications - this is a digital cellular Mobile Telephone technology

GPS = Global Positioning System - this is a technology that allows a GPS receiver to determine its position (latitude, longitude, and altitude) based on signals received from the GPS satellites.
Contrary to popular (especially media) belief, GPS alone is not a tracking system; it merely allows the receiver to determine its own position - tracking requires the addition of other technologies, such as GSM.

GPRS = General Packet Radio System - this is an “overlay” on existing GSM networks & technology for carrying packet data (eg, TCP/IP - as used by the internet)


Thanks Every one,
Now I have better Idea about my task with the help of you all.

Tell me if I am wrong:

Now I am feeling that I can have GPS in the vehicle and GSM m1206 connected to my computer’s serial port to communicate with vehicle using my computer and fetch latitude, longitude from vehicle’s gps.

But another question is, I can issue AT+ commands to my computer’s GSM using serial port, how can I issue AT+ commands at GPS (vehicles GPS) to get latitude, longitude and etc.