Correct procedure for changing baud rate?

What is the correct procedure for changing the target baud rate in Dev Studio?

Depends on if your target is in production mode, or development mode.
Global procedure:

  • send AT+IPR=;&W to the target
  • Required in development mode only: reset the target (AT+CFUN=1); Note that in production mode, target changes baud rate immediately after the OK answer, while in development mode, it will switch baud rate only after target reset
  • close the port
  • change baud rate on DS side
  • re-open the port

Didn’t realise that bit.

Anyhow, it’s a lot of faff; request for the next wish-list: something simpler!

Yes, I’m adding a wish-list item for a GUI control in DS to change baud rate (both on PC and target side) in one click.



Would also be good to have the current settings visible; eg, as Hyperterminal does in its Status bar…

I guess we could add some columns for that in the Devices view, with maybe some customization capabilities (too many columns = need of a HD display to show comfortably all of the information… :confused: )