connection problems


I have two m1306 and I want to connect the PC with a trerminal ecl confort200/300.I connect with 2 robotics modem and work.when I connect the m1306 true Hyper is work good,but when I try to connect with software application for this terminal the modem is not found.When I try whit add new hardware to search the m1306,the PC not found the modem…I think that are happens when I connect m1306 to terminal,the terminal is not admitted as a modem and the terminal do not initialization,the PC not found the m1306 as a normal modem,and the my terminal do not admitted the m1306 as a normal modem.How can I fix this problem? :question: Thank you.


the only way i found to work as a “normal modem” in windows, is creating a new hardware modem “standar modem” in your control panel with the baud rate you had configured in the m1306b, then in properties of the modem device set it to COM1, and then create a new connection (ISDN) using the standar modem, setting phone number to 99**1#.
i was able to connect to gprs network.
Hope it helps,