Connection dropped to base station, howto handle such events

Hi guys,
I would like to handle events where connection is dropped to base station.
I have performed a test, see traces below:

Trace L3RR 1 RR_CELLSERV_RSP ignored : Bad TI
Trace L3RR 1 RR_CELLSERV_RSP ignored : Bad TI
Trace L3RR 1 RR_CELLSERV_RSP ignored : Bad TI

Forum doesn’t work well, so I had to split my post for 3 messages: I have called Wireless modem twice. In between

I just drop connection link to base station. How to detect such events? Tom

What, exactly, do you mean by that?

If the modem loses GSM service, it will automatically be searching & trying to regain service - there’s nothing you need to (or, in fact, can) do about that.

You can detect when service is lost (and regained) by watching the +CREG: and/or +WIND: unsolicited responses.

This is not always the case! We have seen plenty of times under low signal conditions that the modem suddenly just stops trying to reconnect. +CREG then just reports that it is not currently connected and currently not searching for operator - and it never will again unless we reset the device! This happens if the modem changes base station a lot.

See: Problem about network registration - #3 by awneil

It has nothing todo with that. It will not reconnect even if there is enough signal. When i say low signal connection, i do not mean situations where it looses the connection, but where it changes base station or antenna a lot because it wants to connect to the strongest one. Sometimes it then locks and won’t try to connect to anyone anymore. The only way to make it work again is to remove the sim card and re-plug it or restart the modem.

Thanks for answer. I am disconnecting antenna from modem. When such situation happened I want to restart modem.
Subscribing to +CREG works fine for me (using adl_atUnSoSubscribe function) in AT mode on UART1& UART2. I am able to detect such events. But can it work when I have data mode on UART1 and UART2?