connecting sierra modem to router via USB

bit of a long shot… but has anyone succesfully used a sierra 4g mifi to connect via USB (DirectIP) to a dd-wrt router? what settings worked on the router? my router is a linksys E3000 and it appears to identify the the sierra device correctly. the mifi is an aircard 762S.

there is a ‘mobile broadband’ WAN type on the router but i believe this applies to dialing up a modem device, rather than using the DirectIP interface which is ethernet-based. the DHCP WAN setting does not pick up any WAN ip address. setting a static WAN IP doesn’t work either.

i’ve tried posting on the dd-wrt forums but no luck there.
thanks for any help!

maybe you can share the system log captured after you connect the aircard 762S and during dialup?

Also, how you construct the PPPD script?
Maybe you can double check…

hi lotam thanks for the reply.
if i understand correctly it shouldn’t be using PPPD because it’s a directIP / ethernet interface. this is why i can’t use the typical mobil broadband instructions on the DD-WRT site, which are for how to dial a 3g modem etc.

i’ve found it may be a problem with DD-WRT switching the router back into USB mode. so i’m happy to close this thread and hope to find some solution on the DD-WRT forums.
thanks for coming back to me.


The reason I mentioned PPPD is, it was supported by all usb dongle and the directIP/Eth driver required maybe not available with DDWRT build.
So I assume PPPD was used… and ask for your log to confirm.

Anyway, if you believe the problem is on router’s USB, hope you can share good news from DDWRT forum.


i found a ‘plug and play’ solution with a modified version of OpenWRT. it works great now and the USB speeds are much better than the wifi provided by the sierra modem/router.

here’s the link:

thanks lotam for your assistance

Great speed!

Seems like the firmware you are using has already built in DirectIP driver but the official site didn’t mention Sierra is supported as “Host-less Modems”…

See if I have chance to grab an USB enabled router and test the same later. :smiley:


i know i was delighted with the speed test. at different times of the day the download goes up to 40 Mbit which is great.
the ‘ROOTer’ web interface shows that the sierra_net driver is identified and loaded correctly for this device, so i would guess that any sierra direct-ip modem will work with this firmware.
after all the fluting around with dial strings and loading linux modules, it was such a relief to just plug and play the modem.