Connect GPRS through hyperterminal

This is suresh.i am using Q2501B development board.i want to access gprs through hyperterminal.In my sim card i activated gprs.what the commands needed to access the gprs through hyperterminal.Please any one give solution to this

v.suresh kumar

hi,I 'm sorry to say that I have got the same problem! Best wishes to us! :slight_smile:

What do you mean by, “access gprs through hyperterminal” :question:

Remember that GPRS is a Packet connection - are you planning on typing packets manually into hypoterminal…? :open_mouth:

I’m not sure what you mean.
If you want to access gprs network by typing AT command in hyperterminal.
It will make the modem-to-gprs link.
It will make the PC-to-modem link. The link need the PPP stack (wavecom document says it. I also want to know if it necessary)
But hyperterminal have no PPP stack, so it will response NO CARRIER. The link will not successfull.

The command will make both two links, but as the same reason, it will not successfull too.

Me too,I think that U need to do more thing.

It’s not just Wavecom that says it: AT+CGACT and AT+CGDATA are standard GSM commands - they are the same on any GSM device.

Yes, it is.