Concatenated Command Crashes Remote Task


Open-AT v3.03;
MS VisualStudio 2003
Windows XP

Running my application in Remote Mode.
If I type “at+cops?;+csq” in the Terminal Emulator, it causes the Remote Task to crash with Windows Application Exception.

In the v3.03 Release Note, Id 27903 says something about concatenated commands being “not correctly processed” - is this the same problem, or something else?


Hi awneil,

Have you performed any subscription to at+cops command in the application? Normally, the RTE should not crash due to a command given from terminal emulator. But, because, ADL internally spies all the commands (to see if one has been subscribed by the Open AT Application), it might occur that as the response to at+cops? is not comming immediately, the RTE crashes.

Can you please post the screenshot of the RTE when the crash occurs? You can also enable the ATI Level 1 traces to find out if the command AT+COPS?;+CSQ has reached the firmware for processing or not. Also, enable the RTK level 1 traces to find out if the problem is related to Wireless CPU exception.

Normally, if the RTE crashes due to windows exception, it means that there is some memory related exception (dangling pointer reference or buffer overflow).

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.