CMUX on Q2687

I am seeing a Except RTK 153 14 2 in my back-trace. I assume this is real-time kernel excpetion 153, but why am I getting this? I can find no info on this exception. Also, I only get this when I have turned on CMUX mode - what is relationship of this excepton and CMUX? Is this is known OpenAT firmware bug that I have come across?

Is CMUX stable and proven? I have my doubts.



The reply from Sierra Wireless was:

[i]Hello Andy,

Please refer to the manufacturer or distributor of the device for support. We do not support the Q26 Elite directly.

Technical Support
Sierra Wireless[/i]

RTK Exception 153 is usually received when there is no enough memory avaialble for any memory allocation request.

Have u contacted your distributor?