Cloud Connector limitations

I am considering using the cloud connector to get events from a stream other than querying the stream on a cyclic and timed service run by my platform. I suppose this is event driven and will trigger automatically. what are the limitations in throughput and response time?

You should see about the same response times with Cloud Connectors as you would with a Cloud Action. Within a second of an event reaching the Octave cloud from your edge device, we should be making the first HTTP POST call to your service if you are using the HTTP cloud connector. If your service is down, we’ll make a couple of additional attempts) to POST your message (with a backoff in between) before giving up. For each error and after our final attempt, notifications sent to your /<companyname>/:inbox/cloud-connectors stream. If your service has an extended outage you can use the events in this stream to determine what you might have missed.

Note that the notification stream is limited in capacity so if your HTTP endpoint is down for an extended time we don’t guarantee that we’ll save an unlimited amount of notifications. A good solution here is to have a cloud action post an alert to your monitoring service of choice on error messages in the notification stream so you can take action.

There are no hard-limits at this time on throughput for edge-generated data passing through a cloud connector.


Thanks for the reply and clarification. I have a few other questions but I will leave them in the forum…