Clock problem for spi and i2c bus in Q24Classic

Hi all,

i am controlling a LCD peripheral from wavecom module.
i am using I2C bus for that,
In program, the I2C bus is subscribed properly and returning an handle.
but i am unable to receive the data from Q24classic module to LCD module.
after analysing deeply, i came to know that the clock and data are not transferred properly.
also i am not too experienced with this wavecom module’s bus operation.

i am unable to receive proper idea from sample programming; can you provide me a small working program for bus operation.

What exactly do you mean by that?

In what way, precisely, are they “not proper”?

The more details you provide, the more likely someone will recognise the problem and be able to help you.

the problem is no recption of clock and data from q24classic module to LCD display; also i don’t know how to work exactly on q24Classic for bus subscription; so try to provide a small samples program for bus subscription using spi or lcd for Q24classic module…

Is that because the module isn’t generating them, or is the LCD just not seeing them?

Have you checked the signals on an oscilloscope?

Are your pullups correct?

Do you use hardware of software I2C?

the problem is not with the module, since the module is producing slight variation in clock signal line.
for example for transfer of 8 bits, it is producing falling edge at SCLK line only once; but the chip select is proper.
I can say that the problem is with the software what i have used; so i need some model code exploiting all the parameters in SPI write and read.

So which is it - I2C or SPI?!

i am trying both the things; kindly don’t mistake me

Kindly answer me whether the paccessmode structure is used for a single slave device spi operation.

It will be helpful if u present a sample program showing the use of paccessmode structure.