I2C HARD bus Clock get frozen(low)

We are facing problem of Clock of Q24PLUS gets low and frozen of I2C Hard Bus. This happened while it reads/or write to peripheral devices. we are we get return as -1 after which we unsubscribe and subscribe back the bus and it is working, but not always some time even though if it is attempting for unsubscribe and subscribe it doesn’t solve the issue.at last we tried with soft rest of Module too… but still clock is hanged. at last we need to do Hard reset then only it starts from Zero. this problem is coming any time while unit is working. some times it is working good even for 2 hrs.(we tested maximum).and some time within very short period this problem comes. SCL pin remains low until we do hard reset. can anybody help us in to this issue?

Isn’t this the same problem: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=562&p=7022&hilit=limitation+adl_busRead#p7022 :question: