Cisco router GRE tunnel over MP70s

Hello, we’re stuck trying to create GRE tunnels over our MP70s. I’ve attached a network diagram. Basically we have Cisco routers that I want the GREs created at, not the MP70s. But the tunnels will not come up completely. Currently, starting from a new MP70 configuration, we’re just using IP passthrough so the router gets the Verizon WAN IP. At this point the routers can ping each others WAN IPs, but nothing will actually travel over the tunnel.

We can ping the tunnel destinations but no data will move across the tunnel. It doesn’t seem the tunnel is actually up. When I plug the routers into a switch without the MP70s, the tunnels come up fine. I’ve also tried this with replacing the routers with encrpytors, same issue. The goal is to get the LANs at each location to ping the other LAN so we can pass data over the GRE. My best guess is we need a route in the MP70s somewhere that I have to configure but I’m not sure where. I have not setup anything else like port forwarding etc. Any ideas? Thanks

The current firmware version is 4.16 b21 if that helps

**So it seems I cant upload attachments becuase Im a new user…soIll have to explain what Im doing. I have 3 Cisco routers, each with an MP70 on each side. On the Cisco routers I’m creating a GRE. One router will be the hub, the other two spokes. We’re just trying to get one LAN to get to another LAN over the tunnels