Cant change the PIN NUMBER

Hi all!!, i want to be aviable to change dinamically the SIMs PIN Number. Does anyone know ehats steps should i do?.

Im trying to unSuscbribe but i only get an Error message.


You’re probably going to have to do it through a series of AT comands.

Start by working out how you do it manually (start with AT+CPIN), then automate the sequence of at commands using adl_atCmd() etc.

This is another area missing from the ADL API…

ciao, Dave

Thank u so much for the reply!!. I managed to do it but i had an interesting experiencie, first of all i discovered that i cant use the AT commands and the adl functions such as simSuscribe, not in any order. If i use firstly the simSuscribe and later the AT commands nothing happend, but fi do it in the other way, an exception appears. I dont know if im doing something wrong, but thats what happened to me. Anyway, it worked just fine. Thanks a lot!!!.