Enter pin code

Hi everybody,
I need some help to build a simple project.
I want to send a program into target that will set the PIN code of the SIM card whenever the target switches on and then I will check if the PIN code is ready.

The AT commands are

I want to include AT commands into a M.V.C++ 6 program.

I’d appreciate your help.


This can be done by adl_atCmdSubscribe API


adl_atCmdSubscribe(“AT+CPIN=1234”, (adl_atCmdHandler_t)cpin_Handler, ADL_CMD_TYPE_PARA|0x00);

The last parameter depends whether it is ACT, READ, Type,Para

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Hi !

Another way to do it with adl too :

adl_simSubscribe ((adl_simHdlr_f)simEventHandler, (ascii *) pinCode );

the advantage is that you subscribe to SIM events at the same time you give PIN code to the module…