Cannot Manually Roll-Back WP7609 Legato Version

We are trying to manually roll back the legato version of the WP7609. We have tried this on multiple WP7609 Modules with no luck.

The WP7609 seems to be stuck at Legato version 21.05.2 and we want to get back to 19.11.6.

The modem FW does change up / down, but we have not been able to get to an earlier version of Legato.

We ARE able to manually change Legato version using WP7601-1 up / down, so this seems to be a WP7609 related issue.

The current SW versions being used in the WP7609:

The Version we are trying to install in the WP7609:

We have tried:

  • One Click Tools (12.0.1 to 17)

  • fwupdate with base legato version 19.11.6

  • swiflash with base legato version 19.11.6

Nothing seems to be working for the WP7609, but it does work for the WP7601-1.

For context, we are trying to roll back the version because we have a custom yocto compilation that is working in the WP7601-1 (with legato version 19.11.6) that is not working in the WP7609. When we install it in the WP7609, the system rolls-back automatically to 21.05.2 and the custom image with 19.11.6 is not present. We would like to use one yocto compilation between WP7601-1 and WP7609.

Do you meam you want to downgrade from r17 to r16.x?
I remember this is not possible

Thank you,

So then why is it possible to downgrade using the WP7601-1?

In this case we were able to successfully downgrade from version 16.x to 12.x without issue?

Is this requirement specific to release 17?

R16.x to R12.x should be fine

Here says you cannot downgrade from r17

I see, thank you.

Btw, i don’t see r17 is supporting wp7601

Yes, I agree. So we will need to use different versions for different modules.

We have purchased additional WP7609 Modules and will be checking to see what version they come with from factory. If not R17, we will explore their use without updating.

We also have efforts to do our custom Yocto build using R17.