Cannot build MBPL R21 from provided source


There are discrepancies between the documentation and source provided in the MBPL R21 SDK packages.

1 - The Software Integration And Development Guide states:

2.1.8. Device Drivers
The following open source drivers must be used:
• RmNet Interface: open source (qmi_wwan)
• Serial Interfaces: open source serial driver (qcserial)
• /dev/ttyUSB0, DM Port
• /dev/ttyUSB1, NMEA Port (product and chipset dependent)
• /dev/ttyUSB2, AT Port
Build instructions for the device drivers are located in the USB drivers source folder

However, the USB driver is nowhere to be found in any of the downloaded source found here

2 - The pkg-readme.txt instructs to run ‘make complete’ from the pkgs directory in order to build the packages. However there is no makefile inside of MBPL_SDK_R21_ENG2-lite.bin/pkgs. How can I build the pkgs?

Please advise.

you can use the R20 USB driver first:

For pkgs source code, you need to contact local distributor.

1 - Where can I find MBPL_Drivers_USB_R20_ENG1-src.tar.gz ?
2 - Are you saying that the needed source as refereed by \MBPL_SDK_R21_ENG2-lite.bin\pkgs\pkgs-readme.txt can be obtained by the distributor? The files are not contained in MBPL_SDK_R21_ENG2-lite.bin.tar ?

did you see the word document in the link?
The USB driver is inside.

For the full source code inside pkgs, you need to ask distributor.

I had not seen the document, sorry.

Since I can not get my hands on the source yet, can you advise on how to load the existing compiled drivers?

I have an x64 platform with Ubuntu server 20.04, with the kernel downgraded to 5.3.0 (to match the provided modules) but I get the following error:

#uname -r

#insmod /mount/MBPL_Driver_R21_ENG2-bin.tar/MBPL_Driver_R21_ENG2-bin/bin/Ubuntu_x64/5.3.0-55-generic/mhictrl.ko

[ 182.980108] mhictr: version magic '5.3.0-55 generic SMP mod_unload ’ should be ‘5.3.0-050300rc5-generic SMP mod_unload’
insmod: ERROR: could not insert module mhictr.ko: Invalid module format

Am I using the wrong kernel? Where can I find the right version to be able to load the provided drivers?

Also, are these drivers required to use the Sample Apps? For example MBPL_SDK_R21_ENG2-lite.bin\SampleApps\lite-qmi-nas readme states that

The application should only be used with drivers included in MBPL release packages.


The mhictrl driver should be used for SDX55 based modems in PCIe mode.


Which module are you using?

EM7565. I tried loading the drivers on both an rpi4 and on an intel NUC.

Then you should compile and install the MBPL_Drivers_USB_R20_ENG1-src.tar.gz

I can’t compile it without the source. Do you have R20 source?

MBPL_Drivers_USB_R20_ENG1-src.tar.gz is the usb driver source code

Thank you. Sorry I had misread. I installed and compiled the USB drivers on my system.


When running AT!GSTATUS, I get “PS State: Not attached” and MM (CS) State: IDLE NO IMSI.

Am I still missing something? Is the SIM card even being read?

Thanks again.

you can type AT+CIMI and see what happens

I get:

then seems it cannot read the SIM card, you can try other sim card