Compiling error with usb driver

When I try to compile MBPL_R20/Drivers/USB on ubuntu 20.04, I got the following error:

/home/user/MBPL_R20/Drivers/USB/qmi_wwan.c:667:21: error: ‘usbnet_get_stats64’ undeclared here (not in a function); did you mean ‘qmimux_get_stats64’?
667 | .ndo_get_stats64 = usbnet_get_stats64,
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
| qmimux_get_stats64

Anyone has encountered the same issue and resolved it?


this is known issue and under internal investigation.
Will update you later.

You might try on ubuntu 18 first.
It should be working fine.


Thanks for a response. Unfortunately, I don’t have ubuntu 18 system to try it


You can install vmware machine