Can not select SL808x as target?

Hi, all

I was out of OpenAT development for a while, but now I was given a new project based on SL808X.
I installed latest version of developer studio. Now I am trying to create new project, but all I get in target selection is SL60x, WMP, QLxxx, etc… Basically only old Wavecom devices.
Target is correctly recognised as SL808x device. Do I have to install some additional packages?


Hi Rudolf,

Which module you are using?
For time being, only SL808xT support OpenAT Application framework, not SL808x.

In case you are using SL808xT, please refer to this post for info.


I had a feeling I am missing something…

Mosule in use is SL8084T. All the “T” versions have OpenAT support.