CAN Module ?


Is there a wavcome module with CAN as a plug-in?
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Sateesh K


I think that you should discuss this with your distributor.

What would you like to do with the CAN interface ? Do you need to connect to a vehicule ?



As far as i know there are new plans to implement CAN in the future. I don’t know the method or the time when it will be released. I don’t think it will be here in the near future, but you can ask it anyway.

What is already available is an OpenAt driver for Q24/25 series. This implementation uses a MCP2515 CAN controller with SPI interface. You can even find schematics in the documentation. It should be easy work to update the code to the OS which you want to use. Unfortunately, it has some serious limitation. As the MCP2515 controller has only 2 receiver buffers, it has to be polled frequently at high bus speeds. ( AT 250Kbits Can speed the message time is about 0,5 ms ). I think this implementation uses a 18,5 ms timer to poll the CAN controller. So if a 250Kbit bus is at high load you will miss messages.

An universal solution is a CAN enabled microcontroller. It is a cheap and perfect way to implement CAN. We have had no problems so far with them. So if you or your company have some experience with controllers i suggest you should take this way.



There is a new CAN Plug-In available from Wavecom. It is described on
It works with Q26 or WMP products, but of course requires to add an external CAN controller (from NEC).
SW & doc are available here: