Can I redefine embedded AT command?


Can I redefine the action of an AT command embedded in OpenAT?

I want to overwrite or hook the action of the ATD command.
When I registered ATD command and call “ATD=”, It does the action that I expected.
However, when I call “ATD”, embedded ATD is called and does not do the action that I expected.

My development environment is following.

Developer Studio : version 2.3.1
LSI of communication unit : SL8084T
Communication unit : AX8084NE


In what way do you register the command?


I registered an AT command using “adl_atCmdSubscribeExt()”.
I want to customize the action of embedded “ATD”.


Can you give the full call to the subscribe function?


ATD command is very special and doesn’t follow the general format defined into the AT commandz specification.

I suggest this:

  • subscribe to all AT commands starting by ATD using adl_atCmdSubscribe or adl_atCmdSubscribeExt: use ADL_CMD_TYPE_ROOT_EXT option into the API.

  • Into the command handler, use the StrData field of the structure adl_atCmdPreParser_t to get the full command and parse it to get the phone number (the phone number will not be present into the ParaList).

  • I think the final “;” will be filtered so you will certainly loose this indication.