can I only send at command to make 8548 connect the internet

i see the HL8548 DATASHEET, it supports TCP/IP stack.
my customer want to send at command to make the 8548 connect the internet , but I don;t find the instructive document ,

can anyone give me some advice on how to connect the internent by sending at command via uart ports,thanks. :smiley:

anyone can help me ? :open_mouth:

do you want to use the intrenal TCP/IP stack on the HL8548 or external?
How do you want to manage the HL8584? Windows, Linux or µC?


After inserted SIM to your module you can use: AT+KSRAT= to select radio access Where mode is <1,2,3,4>
1 2G only
2 3G only
3 Search for 2G first
4 Search for 3G first

After that check your network registration by AT+CREG=? If response return +CREG: ,1…That mean your device connected to network.

Next Add pdp context by : AT+CGDCONT=[[,<PDP_type>[,[,<PDP_addr>[,<d_comp>[,<h_comp>]]]]]]

Finally check IP that network provide by: AT+CGDCONT=?