Can I block Port 123 on a Q26 and Q24?


Our devices are not running smoothly due to an attack to port 123. Our software runs as a server, so we need Public IPs. The question is…Is there an AT command to block a port? or is there a way to block PINGs, NTP or other type of protocols?


i didn’t get this… :confused:

You are running your device as a server… let’s say TCP server which is listening on port 123…??

Now, you want this port to block? because of some attacks on this port? using application?

what is the Use case?


Sorry I gave little information. Our application is listening on a different port and is using UDP sockets. We do not open port 123 via OPEN AT.
The ISP has traced the traffic on our devices and has suggested us to block port 123(NTP protocol), because they have detected a massive attack on this port over their public IPs. I told them that our app does not open that port, and they answered me that some modems have this port opened by default ¿??

Is there something we can do to block PINGS at least?


This port is a standard port for clock synchronisation using NTP protocol.
I dont think we have any command to block this port.
Maybe, we can reduce the frequence of the pings…

Lemme check on this…