c-gps and wipsoft problem

I’m using the fastrack supreme 20, and I need to get the position with GPS, I have activated the feature, I’m working with c-gps simplesample opus I, and I need to use the wipsoft too, everything compiles fine but when I download the fastrack returns “memory allocation error”. I searched for help but found nothing.

when I have the C-GPS opus I ready I add the header include “wip_atcmd.h” and function wip_ATCmdSubscribe (); I think it works well but I make the mistake of memory allocation.
if I run the example “C-GPS Opus I” and “wipsoft” separate works right.

What am I doing wrong?


hello, i do it, i get the fix in gps but when i send at+wipbr=4,6,0 (start bearer, gprs, client) returns +cmee error: 811, searching in the manual this error happens when the sim isn’t ready, sending at+cpin? returns +cpin ready.

what is happening?

for the last error i send at+wopen=6,128 and all runs fine, the problem was the memory.


Before bearer service started successfully, GPS service must be disabled. In another word, if you start bearer first and wait for ADL_SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT event, then initialize GPS.
Good luck.

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