BX310X CTS/RTS flow control not available?

Hi there,
we’re still figuring out, how to communicate between micro controller and BX3105 via UART.
It is working with a PC, but not with a micro controller yet… After sending AT commands to the BX3105 we don’t get a response, but after pressing the reset button, the micro controller receives a text.

Maybe we have to use flow control? For any reason, we can set the baud rate of the BX3105 but not flow control. The board is responding to “AT+IPR” but not to “AT+K” (it always shows ERROR), tried it at baud rates of 9600 and 115200… Also AT+K doesn’t show up in the list of available commands (AT+CLAC) but with our Firmware revision (1.3) it should be there.

Any ideas why AT+K is not working or other approaches how to implement the UART communication?


Update: AT+K is in the list of available commands, just oversaw it. But the BX3105 always responds with an ERROR

how about using at&k?

Thanks! That issue was easy to fix